My First Troll. Yay!!!

Hey there every peoples!

Long time no see. So what’s my excuse this time? Just the usual this time a year: Live Oak music Festival (our 13th year going and volunteering), the Fourth of July, and then just lots of other little stuff. But the good news is I finally managed to get my hands on a voice-recognition program! I was able to find one on Amazon for only $40. This is my first time trying it out so hopefully this will really help improve my typing so I can get these posts to you guys on a more regular basis (like I used to when I first started). But enough about me, today’s post is about someone special. Well he may not be so special when you consider the nature of the Internet but for me he kind of is special. It seems my blog is really coming along. In the roughly 2 1/2 years I’ve been running it I’ve somehow garnered over 30,000 views. I have had many people, some who I never met before, tell me that they liked it. And it seems my blog has taken just one more step to towards… bloghood (yeah, let’s just go with that for now). You see ladies and gentlemen, I have gotten my very first troll!

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