I Made Someone’s List!

Hey there every peoples!

Today is going to be a quicky. I have been working on a new post but then life happened. This includes having to replace my computer (eating up my tax return in the process). But i have also been busy with some paleontology stuff of my own which will get it’s own post in the future. But i wanted to make this short post to share an awesome bit of news with you.

I was contacted by the head of Feed Spots. He was contacting me to let me know that i made his list of the top 20 paleontology blogs to follow in 2018! How cool is that? Apparently he considers me on par with The Raymond Alf Museum and Waxing Paleontological. You can check out the list here.

Well i have to get back to all the crap i have going on right now.

Till next time!