The Dinosaurs Cometh!

Hey there every peoples!

Holy hell the last week and a half have been a blur! Going up to Madera County, getting committed, 4th of July, and of course, the Dino Social Media Meetup at the Natural history Museum of Los Angeles County. I have spent the last few days slaving away trying to get my video coverage edited. It took awhile to get it done because not only do i have to go in and position photographs instead of video, but also because part of my learning disability dictates that i do better when i can take my time instead of the pressure of a deadline. So I am not going to write a long winded article like i usually do since i discuss so much in the videos below. But a couple things to touch on.

First, this hall was friggin awesome! And to get a sneak peek was unbelievable! I just wish i had more time! One of the conditions of attending was posting updates or photos at least once during the event with the hashtag #NHMLADinos, which i was sadly unable to fulfill because 1) not enough time  2) my phone doesn’t have a facebook app (i have neither the money nor the need for an iPhone. Though i wish i could have rented an iPad for the event). Many of the the mounts from the old hall return such as Mamenchisaurus (with a fancy new skull no less), Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Morenosaurus. Several new guys joins the crowd too such as Triceratops, a growth series of Tyrannosaurus rex, and a plethora of original specimens.

I also got quite a kick out of talking with the people behind the exhibit. Judging from tags people were wearing, there were more Dinosaur Institute personnel there than the ones i talked to, but so what; the people i talked to were awesome. I even managed to score a little chit-chat with Dr. Luis Chiappe, the museum’s curator of dinosaurs. A couple of them, Doyle and Paige i believe, who mentioned volunteering at the museum. I appreciate the thought, but i am not sure how to make that work at this time. I toyed with the notion of being able to go down once a month, but the museum’s volunteer application said that it has to be once a week (among other parameters), so i don’t know. If any museum personnel are reading this and have any ideas, I’m all ears.

But for now i am proud to present the museum’s new dinosaur hall:

If you would like to view the actual photos used in these videos, you can check them out here (they don’t have labels or descriptions yet; i will try to get around to that, time permitting). All i know right now is that i am totally burned out and am glad to have finally gotten this video up.

Till next time!


Addendum: I did a little followup video.