The Phantom Materializes

Hey there every peoples!

I have been hella busy this summer! A neighbor’s wedding, trip to Sacramento, camping up at Mono Lake, enjoying some summer blockbusters. Yeah, a lot on my plate. Me and my associate have also been busy trying to get things rolling on the Project. We are even putting some public displays together. But the latest piece of my very busy summer had to do with identifying a fossil we found. And along the way, i also had an opportunity to finally meet someone: The Phantom Sabertooth of Barstow.

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The Phantom Sabertooths of Barstow

Hey there every people!

Nestled within the heart of the Mojave Desert is the small town of Barstow. This place of 15,000 people is not favorably thought of by some and most just pass through on their way to Las Vegas. But outside of Barstow lies one of the great natural treasures in southern California: Rainbow Basin.

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