Is the National Fossil Hall Heading in the Right Direction?

Hey there every peoples!

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! It has truly been forever. Well it’s that I have been so busy with WAVP, a trip to Florida, field work in New Mexico, Live Oak, and the one or two gigs I have managed to land. Plus my proof reader is busy overseeing an overhaul to his collections space. But I have some things I want to write about. And what shall it be?

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Sharktooth Hill Fund

Hey there every peoples!

Via The Coastal Paleontologist (a blog you should be reading instead as it is written by someone who is actually active in paleontology, and not by some pathetic wannabe like me), i got a hold of a link to a fund raiser by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: . It’s to raise money in order to buy the Sharktooth Hill Bonebed for posterity. Seeing as i hope to look for fossils there someday, i fully support the effort. But since i have no money to speak of, this is really the best i can do. I wish i could do more, but i am an unemployed community college student…

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