The Dinosaurs Cometh!

Hey there every peoples!

Holy hell the last week and a half have been a blur! Going up to Madera County, getting committed, 4th of July, and of course, the Dino Social Media Meetup at the Natural history Museum of Los Angeles County. I have spent the last few days slaving away trying to get my video coverage edited. It took awhile to get it done because not only do i have to go in and position photographs instead of video, but also because part of my learning disability dictates that i do better when i can take my time instead of the pressure of a deadline. So I am not going to write a long winded article like i usually do since i discuss so much in the videos below. But a couple things to touch on.

First, this hall was friggin awesome! And to get a sneak peek was unbelievable! I just wish i had more time! One of the conditions of attending was posting updates or photos at least once during the event with the hashtag #NHMLADinos, which i was sadly unable to fulfill because 1) not enough timeĀ  2) my phone doesn’t have a facebook app (i have neither the money nor the need for an iPhone. Though i wish i could have rented an iPad for the event). Many of the the mounts from the old hall return such as Mamenchisaurus (with a fancy new skull no less), Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Morenosaurus. Several new guys joins the crowd too such as Triceratops, a growth series of Tyrannosaurus rex, and a plethora of original specimens.

I also got quite a kick out of talking with the people behind the exhibit. Judging from tags people were wearing, there were more Dinosaur Institute personnel there than the ones i talked to, but so what; the people i talked to were awesome. I even managed to score a little chit-chat with Dr. Luis Chiappe, the museum’s curator of dinosaurs. A couple of them, Doyle and Paige i believe, who mentioned volunteering at the museum. I appreciate the thought, but i am not sure how to make that work at this time. I toyed with the notion of being able to go down once a month, but the museum’s volunteer application said that it has to be once a week (among other parameters), so i don’t know. If any museum personnel are reading this and have any ideas, I’m all ears.

But for now i am proud to present the museum’s new dinosaur hall:

If you would like to view the actual photos used in these videos, you can check them out here (they don’t have labels or descriptions yet; i will try to get around to that, time permitting). All i know right now is that i am totally burned out and am glad to have finally gotten this video up.

Till next time!


Addendum: I did a little followup video.


Dino Social Media Meet Application


Please consider for your consideration my application for the Dino Social Media Meet event on July 7th, 2011. Why should i be invited? I have been covering museums on my blog and more recently Youtube simply out of my burning passion for paleontology. I covered the fossil edition of Curator’s Cabinet at the museum back in May:

I also covered Fossil Fest at the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology:

As is evident in these videos, i am very knowledgeable about fossils and try to teach people about them. I also try to get the curator’s take on things and ask relevant, enlightening questions.

I am one of those few kids who never outgrew their dinosaur phase; I just can’t get enough of paleontology! In fact, i even have hopes of opening my own museum someday! But more importantly, i have been going to the LA Museum my whole life and even attended the 2010 Red Rock Canyon trip. I took a trip to LA back in 2008 just to see the dinosaur hall before it closed and have followed it’s development ever since (even emailing the Dinosaur Institute some suggestions in the early stages). I have been very eagerly awaiting this updated dinosaur hall. If I attended this event, then got clobbered by a bus on the way home, i would die the happiest person on earth.

Thank you for your consideration. Hopefully i will see you guys on the 7th!