Searching Paleontological Hotspots

Hey there every peoples.

My last post seemed like a total non starter. I knew it would be insignificant, but damn, did it seem to go unnoticed, even by this blog’s standards. But still, whether I had a billion dollars or just a few thousand, where would my museum go? I have talked about all kinds of places on “The Hit List”. These are extremely numerous and probably unfeasible to try and tackle in my lifetime (of course assuming I even make it far enough to start building a collection). So I have decided to place priority on some select localities I have dubbed “Paleontology Hot Spots”. These are places that boast a long and continuous fossil history. Instead of just a few million years of most geologic formations, these “hotspots” have multiple sequences of formations that really detail the changes in life and environment through time. I have selected 4 that I’d like my museum to focus on should it ever take off.

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Video Game Babble

Hey there every peoples!
The demon has been really giving me a hard time lately. It has interfered with everything, including this blog. Not helping the matter was a most worthless comment my last post had gotten. I thought about responding to it, but in the end determined that it wasn’t worth wasting the effort and thought (and when you take into consideration that I once responded to a blustering creationist, that’s really saying something). But i decided that it might be good to talk about some offbeat, casual topic to try and keep my mind solvent. With the recent buzz around PAX, what better thing to talk about than video games!

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