Exhibit Critic

Hey there everypeoples!

For most people, museums are just places to take the family on a lazy weekend or places you go to gawk at stuffed animals and ancient skeletons that have no practical applications to their lives or society. For me though, they were one of the only places i ever felt at home, where i belong. I have been going to museums to feed my passion for the natural world all my life. Whenever we went on a trip i was always looking for a museum to go to. And these days, i my enthusiasm has not waned. Since i hope to open my own museum someday, i am always looking at museum exhibits closely, looking for inspiration, what works, and even things not to do.

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The Phantom Materializes

Hey there every peoples!

I have been hella busy this summer! A neighbor’s wedding, trip to Sacramento, camping up at Mono Lake, enjoying some summer blockbusters. Yeah, a lot on my plate. Me and my associate have also been busy trying to get things rolling on the Project. We are even putting some public displays together. But the latest piece of my very busy summer had to do with identifying a fossil we found. And along the way, i also had an opportunity to finally meet someone: The Phantom Sabertooth of Barstow.

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