Dino Social Media Meet Application


Please consider for your consideration my application for the Dino Social Media Meet event on July 7th, 2011. Why should i be invited? I have been covering museums on my blog and more recently Youtube simply out of my burning passion for paleontology. I covered the fossil edition of Curator’s Cabinet at the museum back in May:

I also covered Fossil Fest at the Raymond Alf Museum of Paleontology:

As is evident in these videos, i am very knowledgeable about fossils and try to teach people about them. I also try to get the curator’s take on things and ask relevant, enlightening questions.

I am one of those few kids who never outgrew their dinosaur phase; I just can’t get enough of paleontology! In fact, i even have hopes of opening my own museum someday! But more importantly, i have been going to the LA Museum my whole life and even attended the 2010 Red Rock Canyon trip. I took a trip to LA back in 2008 just to see the dinosaur hall before it closed and have followed it’s development ever since (even emailing the Dinosaur Institute some suggestions in the early stages). I have been very eagerly awaiting this updated dinosaur hall. If I attended this event, then got clobbered by a bus on the way home, i would die the happiest person on earth.

Thank you for your consideration. Hopefully i will see you guys on the 7th!


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