They’re Just Movies…

(Before you read, let it be known that this is simply my opinion. Let it also be known that I suck at debating but feel the need to vent. Meh)

Hey there every peoples!

Good god, it’s only been 3 posts and we are already at one of those rants mentioned in the header!  As you may or may not know, the Academy Awards were this weekend. Yeah I watched them but not for the awards (like the girlfriend, I watch it for the stuff in-between). The awards, in my opinion, are meaningless and irrelevant. When it comes to movies, there aren’t any facts, just opinions. Everyone has their own opinions about what constitutes a good movie. I’ve heard people say Casablanca sucked and others say that The Thing was the best movie ever. It’s all opinion. So naturally I would disregard an event in which a bunch of self-proclaimed “experts” get together and decide what movies were good (best picture is the biggest farce of it all. There can’t be a single “best picture”. Everything has its gems and its flaws. There are no exceptions).

Movies are great, but we have to remember that they are just movies. They are made for our entertainment. So I don’t get why people get so worked up over them. I have seen movies spark some of the greatest flights of idiocy in people. Avatar is a wonderful, recent example. I have never seen a movie so popular and yet so hated (or maybe internet forums just have a way of attracting people like that). One thing that I have seen people get worked up over is the plausibility of it all. They gripe about how human-like the Na’vi are and other such stuff. So? It’s a movie! Does it really have to conform 100% to reality? Last I checked, the title of the genre was science fiction! It seems like that while creationists are trying to inject fiction into science, these people are trying to inject science into fiction.

And another thing that grinds my gears is when people think less of others because of their taste in movies. I mean really, you can’t think of anything better in which to gauge someone’s character? I say if you are really going to stand there and judge me based on my taste in movies, then I say you are a pompous ass with delusions of intellectual ascension!

Till next time!

6 thoughts on “They’re Just Movies…

  1. I totally agree with you. I also hate it when people gripe about the inaccuracies of Jurassic Park. As you said, it’s for entertainment, it’s not meant to be 100% realistic.

    Also, with regards to your comments on the Academy Awards, I also agree. I hate the Golden Rasberry Awards for the same reason.

    • Personally, I love pointing out the mistakes in Jurassic Park. It never takes away the entertianment value for me, nor of the people around me.

      Even today, I still love that film, one of my favorites, but I love pointing the flubs! Such as the scene where you can actually see the set merge into the studio!

      • I never noticed that. But like i said, i think they irk people because the movie tried so hard to be accurate. But maybe then they should have gotten a better consultant (it’s painfully obvious from JP III’s bonus features. It’s obvious Horner’s just making stuff up about Spinosaurus).

  2. Personally, my biggest pet peeve is when people rant about the inaccuracies in films which sport content which nobody in their right mind would mistake for ‘scientifically accurate’ information. Case in point: giant monster movies and super-hero flicks. OF COURSE ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Superman’ are riddled with inaccuracies; their underlying concepts are so ludicrously impossible that this fact should be obvious! Geez…

    • Oh yeah. I remember when King Kong came out, National Geographic News ran an article declaring it “complete fantasy” and going on to list inaccuracies (judging from the article, they could have used a better ecology expert. He said the biggest predators on Cuba are a lizard and red-tailed hawk. I thought the biggest predator on Cuba was the Cuban crocodile?). Then not long after that they ran an article titled “The Science of Superman”. Alright kids, the word of the day is: double-standard! Decrying inaccuracies in movies has gotten pretty ridiculous, eh?

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